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HDMI Transmitter and Receiver 100FT, FHD Wireless HDMI Extender

PeakDo’s mm-wave wireless HDMI transmitter-receiver transmits 1080P movies, TV shows, and video from your laptop, PC, phone, gaming console, or camera up to 100 feet away to an HDTV, projector, or monitor, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable and WiFi. Bring HDTV indoors, outside, or both.
Uncompressed HD Video & Digital Audio: Up to 100 feet away, your TV or projector may receive uncompressed 1080P video & digital audio from your PeakDo Wireless Transmitter. Ideal for meetings at home or the workplace, gaming, movies, and exercise.
0 Latency for Live and Gaming: The steady signal and extremely quick transmission speed enable you to enjoy crystal-clear images and sound with 0 Latency wherever you are: synchronised gaming, live football without lag, and productive meetings.

No WIFI is needed outside, which gets rid of WiFi’s restrictions. High-definition video may be easily transmitted outside with the help of this wireless HDMI extension. You can watch HDTV while camping, hosting outdoor events, or doing outdoor photography as long as the projector or monitor is placed within 100 feet of the transmitter.
“Plug and Play”: Simple to set up, does not require an app or WiFi connection. Please make sure the Rx has an adequate power supply, according to the setup note. Therefore, you must first connect the Rx’s power wire before doing the same with the HDMI connection.
Service Guarantee: Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any setup inquiries. If there is an issue with the wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver’s quality, we will ship it back to you right away or send it again.

Connector TypeHDMI
Connector GenderMale to Male


Compressed Air Duster & Small Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1

This is an improved version of the PC Duster called the “High Power Compressed Air Duster.” Its rotational speed increased to 60,000 RPM when it was added to the most recent hurricane super motor, which is twice as fast as the electric duster it replaced. When in blower mode, it generates a strong air thrust at 28 m/s, or about 10 level strong gale. Its suction may reach 8KPa when in vacuum mode. This cutting-edge air duster and vacuum cleaner from AFMAT can thoroughly remove microscopic dust.

Two-in-one air blower and mini vacuum added to cutting-edge suction and blowing technology. You may use this air duster to not only blow the dust away but also to vacuum it up, keeping the surface clean. Computer keyboards, cameras, electrical instruments, electronic components, automobile seats, and other items can all be cleaned with this air duster.

Electronics Cleaner for Computer Keyboard Rechargeable This electric air duster has 6000mAh rechargeable batteries and 10W fast charging capability. It can be fully charged in just 3 hours, which is a significant time savings. This compressed air duster can work for up to 30 minutes even when it is at high output.

This AFMAT air duster is a particularly wonderful alternative to compressed air cans. “No More Compressed Air Can.” First off, this air duster is more eco-friendly and reusable. Second, the air duster is extremely durable and can be used thousands of times, saving you a lot of money on compressed air cans. Third, some electronic equipment cannot be used with compressed air because it contains water vapour.

Nurugo Micro Smartphone Microscope (Silver)

The World’s Smallest Microscope for Smartphone – This microscope is the smallest and lightest available, making it easy to carry and use anywhere with your smartphone. It also requires no electricity.
A smartphone microscope that can capture high-magnification, high-resolution photos and videos is available with up to 400X magnification.
Improve your smartphone’s smart capabilities by using the specialised Nurugo Box app, which lets you manage and preserve data as well as take images and movies. Additionally, you may submit images and videos to the app and share them via SNS.

It can be used as a healthcare gadget to assess and maintain the health of your scalp and hair. To observe the results of your preferred skin or hair care product, concentrate closely on any object and take pictures over time.
Students can easily access classroom materials for experiments and casual observation.

Magnification Maximum400 x